A new year and new projects

We are starting some new projects with new partners thanks to funding from the charity SCREAM.

Members of FLOW (@Flow_NE_CIC) have been working with glass artist Sue Woolhouse to make glass pieces using coloured and plain glass and sections of mirror.  This was the first time members had been in a glass artist’s studio and worked with glass and they loved it.  Drawings were made into some beautiful glass pieces using the sandblaster.   Great fun!  Part of DRAWING, see this programme’s website here for more about FLOW and this project and many other exhibitions and events celebrating drawing across the north-east.

The group will be coming up to Highgreen for the day with Sue in the Spring for some exploring and more creating.  We hope to have the outdoor oven working again to make pizzas too.

Next Spring Helen Pailing will be spending time with families of Pathways4All to make a sensory mural for the their base in North Tyneside. Pathways4All families will be visiting Highgreen in August next year for more creative fun. So we’ll look forward to that too.