Joo-Hee Yang

Joo-hee Yang comes to Highgreen from Seoul in South Korea. She will be VARC’s artist in residence here until next July 2018. Joo-hee Yang has lived and worked in Paris and Marseilles and has exhibited in Italy, France, Germany and Canada as well as in South Korea.

Yang works with a variety of materials to make sculptural pieces. Her works reference the brutal concrete construction of urban cities but also of its impermanence and decay. She speaks of the strength but also the fragility of nature. The artist draws on local culture and uses its materials and meanings to make sculptures that explore particular aspects of place or cultural traditions.

“In advance of an experience of a new place, I am always both nervous and excited. I have had opportunities to live in cities and rural areas of many different countries but, like a nomad, I have moved every three to six months. For me, making my life and work for an extended period in a rural part of a country where I have never lived before will be a time of new discovery, experience and challenge. Once at Highgreen I hope to develop a detachment and critical distance from my work to date and I’ll be very interested to find out how my work evolves and changes over my stay.”

Joo-Hee Yang, September 2017