Malgorzata Dawidek


Malgorzata Dawidek is with VARC at Highgreen for a month-long research and development residency in August.  Malgorzata’s practice is connected with her own body condition, will be working on a new project that explores how nature responds to the needs of the ill body and how the body responds to the place. The artist  will be undertaking a series of lone performances in chosen  locations in the rural landscape that explore notions of pain and the ill body.  Each performance will express the very specific relationship between her feelings and conditions of her illness and the detailed characteristics of the chosen place using her body as language.  The performances will be documented through photographs.

Forms of language as expression are key to Malgorzata’s work; both written and through the body.  And the artist uses text and lettering in many pieces, powerfully bringing text and body together to some works.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming Malgorzata to Highgreen for the month of August.  And I know she is looking forward to meeting people up here; both out and about at Highgreen.  Malgorzata will be hosting a mini-exhibition on Saturday 8th September at the conclusion of  her residency.

This residency grew out of time spent with disabled curator/artist, advocate and consultant, Aidan Moesby who has advised and guided VARC in the process throughout.  We hope that learning from this short residency, VARC will be better able to welcome more diverse and disabled artists to all its residencies in the future.

See Malgorzata’s website here for more about the artist.