Bethan Harris

Bethan Harris has recently graduated from BA Fine Art at Newcastle University. Bethan will be artist in residence from July – August 2022.

Bethan Harris’ practice responds to representations of place, which she achieves through meditative aspects of drawing and mark-making. Bethan is visually inspired by the landscape that she is surrounded by and has embodied aspects of both rural and urban environments in her work across four years at Newcastle University. A key feature of her work is the intangible aspect of nature such as directions of light, gravitational pulls and magnetic fields that she visualises through photographical documentation and her own imagination. Furthermore, she uses detailed linework to capture structures and linear forms, mapping out an architectural landscape which utilises distance and layers.

I want to produce a body of work that is a direct response to the landscape. I’d also love to use this as an opportunity to be more experimental and capture aspects of the visual environment in different ways.

Bethan Harris degree show June 2022