Will Copley

Will Copley has recently graduated from BA Fine Art at Newcastle University and will be artist in residence from July – August 2022.

Will Copley is interested in work beyond the boundaries of a gallery space. His practice explores material colour in site specific environments and its relationship with light. An increasingly important element of Will’s research is how he can create something relevant to its surroundings and he finds it crucial to establish a connection to the people who share and inhabit the same space as the work. He seeks to create connections between landscapes and people through colour. Having grown up in an isolated rural part of the UK, Will has always felt a strong connection to the colours that are synonymous with his surroundings.

“I feel this residency offers an opportunity to develop my ideas further by responding to the land and the colours within it. I hope to create a series of conversations that explore the unique hues that inform our perception of the Northumbrian countryside.”