BAG Art Camp 2015 – residency and workshop: 'og at vi sammen bar'

BAG Art Camp 2015 was a short and intense residency workshop held in Felleslageret, Melbu, Northern Norway. Nine artists from Bergen Ateliergruppe where I have my studio travelled to Melbu with trains, boats and planes, we lived in a house and worked in the second floor of the half refurbished warehouse building in Melba centre. BAG Art Camp consisted of a two day introduction to Melbu, it’s history and stories with guided tours up mountains and on old sailing boats. Melbu is a small town on the island of Hadsel and was industrialised in the 1850’s by Kristian Fredriksen. We then had five days to create work relating to Melbu and opened the exhibition ‘og at vi sammen bar’ under the Nordland Academy for Art and Science’s summer festival.

My work consisted of 36 hand cut arrow signs ‘Finding the Way’ that was inspired by the arrow signs that follow the road from Melbu up to the telecommunications mast on top of one of the mountains. The arrows represent 36 of the arrows that I found in Melbu.