ENTWINED Artists Announced

ENTWINED Artists Announced

VARC and the ENTWINED partners are delighted to announce the five remaining artists we will be working with as part of the ENTWINED: Rural. Land. Lives. Art. programme. The artists are as follows:

Catriona Gallagher
From June 2020, Catriona will spend 10 months at VARC, Highgreen. She is a visual artist currently based between the UK and Athens, Greece. Her works move between film, drawing, writing and installation and navigates the overlooked details in our physical surroundings and the psychological landscapes mirroring them. More info here.

Shane Finan
Shane will spend one month with the Kielderhead Wildwood Project in April 2020 and live at Kielder. Shane is from Sligo, Ireland and his work includes painting, sculpture, mixed media installation and interactive digital media. His projects engage with community, place and technology and the work is influenced by the places where they are made, and by the social and cultural aspects of these places. More info here.

Emily Ketteringham
Emily will spend one month based at Unison Colour in May 2020. Emily is a screenprinter and maker currently living and working in Bristol. Her work is about layering and precision, and is often inspired by geology and rocks. The overarching theme that unites all her work is her love and exploration of colour. More info here.

Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges
Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges will be based at Tarset Village Hall in May 2021. They have a shared multidisciplinary public arts practice that takes many forms and has included temporary and permanent works, site specific installations and socially engaged projects. Coleman has a background in sculpture and live art and Hodges has a background in Human Ecology and social justice. Jointly their work investigates ecological and socio-cultural systems, processes and relationships, and explores new strategies for working in the public space. More info here.

Bridget Kennedy
Finally, in June 2021, Bridget Kennedy will spend one month based at Bellingham Heritage Centre. Born in the Netherlands, Bridget now lives in Northumberland. She describes herself as ‘a compulsive organiser and uses systemisation as a survival tactic, as a means of creating a little quietness amidst the clamor of modern life.’ She sees herself as a librarian of the landscape, constantly cataloguing. More info here.

These artists will be joining the first ENTWINED artist, Sam Douglas, who is half way through his 10 month residency at VARC. Through the artists’ practice, different aspects of what makes a ‘place’ will be explored and the interconnectedness of rural land and rural lives revealed. The programme will culminate in 2021 with an exhibition at two sites and a publication. There will be an engagement programme running throughout with open studio days, workshops and an event planned for summer 2020 at The Sill. We also hope to work with Kate Liston and Andrew Burton on ENTWINED associated projects.