ENTWINED exhibition and VARC’s 21st anniversary party

ENTWINED exhibition and VARC's 21st anniversary party 15

ENTWINED:Rural.Land.Lives.Art. exhibition at Highgreen and VARC’s 21st anniversary party

Nine artists over two years have made artwork around the theme of nature and culture, and explored what makes ‘place’. Some artists spent one month in residence with local hosts (Unison Colour, Tarset Village Hall, Bellingham Heritage Centre and Kielderhead Wildwood Project) and others spent up to 10 months at Highgreen. Against all odds, on Saturday 4th September, VARC welcomed visitors to the end of the ‘ENTWINED’ programme exhibition at Highgreen. A rich variety of artwork was displayed in the barns and outbuildings around the estate. Many people came to meet the artists and hear them talk about their work in a conversation chaired by Susan Trangmar.

As well as the ENTWINED artists: Sam Douglas, Shane Finan, Emily Ketteringham, Catriona Gallagher, Robbie Coleman & Jo Hodges, Bridget Kennedy, Kate Liston and Andrew Burton, the show also featured Lucy May Schofield and Baccara Smart.

As the day turned into night, we moved into party mode in order to mark VARC’s 21st Anniversary. Ladies of the Midnight Blue and Tarset Ceilidh Band provided the soundtrack to the evening and everyone enjoyed food provided by Northern Wilds.

Catching up with friends of VARC and seeing familiar faces provided a welcome tonic after what has been a difficult few years for everyone. The occasion was made even more special with former VARC artists and staff who made the journey to celebrate: Karen Rann, Susan Grant, Imi Maufe, Jenny Purrett, Ingrid Pollard, Helen Pailing, Zoe Childerley, Lucy May Schofield, Malgorzata Dawidek and of course Janet Ross who supported most of these artists and helped to make VARC what it is today.

The exhibition will now move to a very different urban location in Gateshead and then to The Sill in the new year.