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In 2018, VARC received news of a successful bid to Arts Council England for a new themed, two year programme of mixed length residences, starting June 2019, ENTWINED: Rural. Land. Lives. Art.

The theme for the programme began with ideas from Mike Pratt CEO of Northumberland Wildlife Trust and Cynthia Morrison-Bell, independent art curator. Mike talked of an ecology of place that was about people’s relationship with nature and place as well as about habitat and species, and an enquiry as to whether art could help an understanding of this.  Cynthia developed the concept and basis for artists’ contribution to this field with the inspiring quote of artist Jenny Holzer ‘All things are delicately interconnected’. Since then the project idea has been developed and shaped in conversation with the many partners. It was decided that the themes, whilst overlapping and under the overarching idea of ecology of people and place, would be roughly divided into two years: Year 1 Nature and Year 2 Culture.

The full programme will be announced in Spring, along with information about the partner organisations involved and the dates for call out for applications.