Emily Ketteringham spent May 2021 based at Unison Colour, makers of hand-made artists’ pastels, Thorneyburn, Tarset. After Emily’s original dates for the residency in 2020 were postponed due to the pandemic, Emily spent time testing out her research methods at home in Bristol and updating her blog which you can read via these links:  Colour Walking’ Blog (part 1) Colour Walking Blog (part 2), and can be read in full via the following links: Colour Walk – Walking West, Colour Walk – Walking North, Colour Walk – Walking East, Colour Walk – Walking South.



‘My current work is about colour, and in particular, the colour of place – I am trying to really look at the colours we are surrounded by.   I am interested in investigating not only the colours of the landscape, but also the colours of the geology below.  My print work is based around an exploration of layering translucent colours and is often inspired by geological maps and my ever-growing pebble collection.’

Image above:

’16°25’47.4”S 122°56’28.9”E’

Screenprint based on a photo taken by the roadside near Cape Leveqe on the Dampier Peninsular, Western Australia.  The image has been digitally manipulated and then screenprinted as a four colour CMYK print, before printing an additional 17 spot colours.

ENTWINED: Rural. Land. Lives. Art.

During her residency Emily focused on specific areas of colour and shape around Highgreen, for example the circular pits of the disused mines, the tussocks of grass, the lichen on the rock, rather than looking at the landscape as a whole. These provided the inspiration for experimental screenprints using inks made from crushed Unison pastels. Whilst at Unison Emily collaborated with a number of the makers to make striped pastels in the colours of the local landscape.


Emily Ketteringham holds a degree in 3D Design and Masters degrees in Multidisciplinary Print and in Design and has worked as an art teacher before pursuing her career as an artist/printmaker.  Emily lives in Bristol and has exhibited and undertaken a number of projects and commissions in the past.