A collection of resources for schools and families, inspired by the artists and themes of the ENTWINED:Rural.Land.Lives.Art programme.

Please download the PDF files to view a short video introduction by an ENTWINED artist followed by discussion prompts and some activities to try.

The first in the series relates to the work of Shane Finan. Shane is interested in fungi and forest networks and was artist in residence at Kielderhead Wildwood Project (Northumberland Wildlife Trust) in April 2021. In this particular resource, you will be able to get your own kit to try growing oyster mushrooms on a book.

The second in the series relates to the work of Emily Ketteringham. Emily is a printmaker and will be hosted by Unison Colour this month. This resource will inspire you to explore the world of colour wherever you are using some everyday materials.

The third resource has taken inspiration from the work of Kate Liston. It looks at the role of parasites, invertebrates and insects, and considers artist’s practices and creative activities which examine these.

The fourth resource is inspired by Sam Douglas’ work,  looking at ancient marks and artworks in the landscape as well as the use of sketchbooks and techniques for creating multi-layered works of art.

*More resources to follow*

Please email helen@varc.org.uk if you decide to use these resources or if you have any questions.

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