Fine Art Students Mini-Placement at VARC

Fine Art Students Mini-Placement at VARC 5

This autumn, Newcastle University Fine Art students spent a week in Tarset with Sam Douglas as part of the LifeWorkArt, a programme that aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of professional artists. The students braved the rain and spent time lots of time out in the landscape drawing and collecting reference material. Back at Highgreen, they made charcoal sticks in the woodland glen and spent time with Sam learning about his work and his approach to art residencies. One student said, ”I had a fantastic week and would love to come back to VARC. The program has really enriched my studio practice through an engagement with other artists and time in the landscape. It has been so valuable to spend a week here and my work has benefitted from the experience.’

Images below thanks to Sam Douglas and Jesse Howarth.