Forthcoming Workshops with LEO


LEO is hosting some workshops in the next few weeks.  Workshops are FREE but spaces are limited so ring or email LEO if you are interested.  Tel 01434 240562 or email

A Night Photography workshop

7th/8th Feb, 7 – 9 pm.  

The aim will be to experiment with different light sources and share knowledge and experience.  There will be a bonfire and the dates have been chosen to coincide with a full moon.  You will need to bring a camera and a torch.

Creating artworks for outside spaces; Public sculpture/environmental art workshops

12th Feb and/or 19th Feb. 2 – 5 pm

An introductory event from which to plan future workshops.  LEO will give an illustrated introduction about artists who make public sculpture and environmental art.  There is an area of Highgreen which could be a site for temporary sculptures and participants will consider this space and make drawings and develop ideas fo rpossible sculptures there.  You will need to bring drawing pads and pencils.