Is Mary Here Again? opens at Waygood Art Boutique

Nicky Coutts and Liz Murrary’s exhibition ‘Is Mary Here Again?’ is showing at Waygood Art Boutique in Newcastle until Saturday 22nd August. The artists’ attendance at a paranormal event at Kielder Castle provided the material for a film and prints and was the inspiration for the ‘spirit hut’ that is the central feature of the exhibition. The voices of the mediums are played through external speakers and can be heard by passers by in the street outside the gallery.

The exhibition is part of the series ‘Fresh Eyes’ which is part of Northern Print Biennale. Nicky and Liz have made a print of one of their images. This is for sale by Waygood with proceeds to Waygood’s ambitious new artists’ studios and gallery being built behind the Boutique exhibition space in High Bridge.

Listen online to the artists in conversation at