Lucy arrives at Highgreen as new VARC artist

Lucy May Schofield 63

Lucy May Schofield will be moving up to Highgreen this weekend.   We look forward to welcoming her.

Lucy studied Book Arts & Crafts at the London College of Printmaking and believes that, through the process of printmaking, cross cultural dialogues can take place.  Lucy has spent the last two years living in Fukuoka in Japan studying the art of Japanese woodblock printmaking.   Although she has lived mainly in cities Lucy is drawn to rural and isolated places.  The longest period she has spent on a residency up till now has been a two month Winter residency in Northern Iceland.

‘Living in cities as an artist has meant certain concerns and constraints are always apparent.  I relish the opportunity to be immersed in a rural community, awarded a sense of quiet contemplation for the creation of a new body of work… inspired by members of the rural community and with the opportunity to interact.’

Lucy May Schofield, 2016