‘The Last Light’ marks the Winter Solstice; new work by Lucy May Schofield

Lucy May Schofield marked the Winter Solstice with ‘The Last Light’. This work comprises 160 small pieces of paper hand-made in the studio, given a light-sensitive coating, numbered and placed before dawn on 21st December in a grid pattern on the interior wall of a derelict shooting hut on the moors near Highgreen.   During the day local residents dropped in to the studio to make paper lanterns.  Then at dusk Lucy led a lantern-lit walk up the moorland road to the hut where the pieces of paper were removed, taken back to the studio and later washed, dried and stitched lightly together in order.   Through the daylight hours of 21st December, the sun’s rays on the papers and their movement in the breeze was captured by time lapse photography; then made into a short video.  Photography and video by Guillaume Brisson-Darveau who also helped install the piece.  See the video here