The Debatable Lands; Zoe Childerley

Artist’s Book, edition of 150 (2016)



72 page, full colour, 148mm w x 201mm portrait concertina folded publication, opening out to a total 5.5m span with foil blocked covers.

Photographic images on one side and reproduction of hand-drawn map with drawings, notes and placenames on the reverse.

Each book is signed and comes with a hand-made wrap and a small limited edition print of ‘No Fly Zone’ (approx. 177.8mm x 127mm, see image of feathers in the landscape).

ISBN 978-0-9933496-1-4

Shipping possible outside UK. But make enquiry direct with to arrange order and delivery independently of the on-line shop.

In 2016 Zoe Childerley walked the length of the Anglo-Scottish border meeting people who live on both sides of the line and learning about their relationship with place, past and present. Walking through this often wild and remote land it is hard to imagine the days of the Reivers who fought over it. However the border is again a focus of debate over sovereignty whilst international borders have become significant barriers for huge numbers of refugees in their perilous journeys across Europe raising issues of nationalism and identity.

Produced with the financial support of WALK Research Group, University of Sunderland.