WALK ON Highgreen: Colour Walking Workshop

Colour Walking Workshop
Mike Collier & Keith Bowey

Led by artist Mike Collier and natural historian Keith Bowey, this two-part workshop began with a walk around the Highgreen landscape identifying local flora and fauna. Participants noted sights, sounds, smells and temperature and gathered a colour palette of real natural material to bring back to the barn with them.

In the second part of the workshop participants were able to use a range of beautiful Unison pastels (made by Unison colour at nearby Tarset) to bring together their feelings, findings, and experiences from the walk in their own work of art.

Mike Collier is a lecturer, writer, curator and artist whose work is often based around his practice of walking. In it he integrates image and text and often draws upon the poetic qualities of colloquial names for places, plants and birds.

Keith Bowey has over 25 years experience working in nature conservation and ecology including managing the Northern Kites Project.