WALK ON Highgreen: Farm Walk

Farm Walk
David McCracken

David McCracken led a walk down to his farm Burdonside, up a fell to view theBe Curious wall built by LEO, VARC artist in residence, 2011-2012, and back to Highgreen.
David was able to point out to walkers details that he looks for as a farmer as he walks his land caring for it and for the livestock he rears. Walking daily throughout the year over many years brings a familiarity and close observation of things that wouldn’t hold importance for us and which we would not even notice. Walkers were able to see the land through David’s eyes; these small details – changes in growth, habit, wildlife, weather, the condition of fences, lying water and the location of animals – are all crucial to the hill-farmer. With years of experience and knowledge drawn from this attention to detail, the farmer will act to best care for the livestock and for the land that supports it and the farmer’s livelihood now and into the future.

David McCracken has been farming Burdonside on the Highgreen Estate for 30 years. He is also a strong supporter of culture in the region and a highly-regarded singer with a vast knowledge of Northumbrian traditional folk music.