WALK ON Highgreen: Framing Landscapes

Framing Landscapes
Ingrid Pollard

The area around Highgreen can be seen as both a picturesque and managed landscape. This walk questioned the ways we perceive and represent the landscape, by isolating particular scenes through the capturing and framing principles of a Claude Mirror. This is a small convex mirror tinted black that was traditionally used by artists to reflect landscapes.

The Claude Mirror provides a sort of virtual reality – when using it we turn our backs to the scene and relate to the landscape via its reflected image. Participants during the walk used the mirror to reflect on the relationship between our desires and the actual fabric of the scene. They recorded what they saw not from direct viewing but through memory and framing using drawing and audio recording.

Ingrid Pollard was the 2012-2013 VARC Artist in Residence and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has trained in photography and film and has a background in drawing and printing. Ingrid seeks to explore and question the romantic landscape idyll.