WALK ON: Highgreen

WALK ON: Highgreen
Art-Walking Weekend, Highgreen, July 2013

There was amazing weather for this weekend.  It started with a  party for everyone contributing to the weekend and music with huge thanks to the Tarset Ceilidh Band and the Tarset Song Reivers. Over the course of the weekend we had about 150 visitors and 140 bookings on the walks. There was a great atmosphere and everybody seemed to enjoy it though a few found one or two of the walking routes more strenuous than anticipated.

Walking has been the source of inspiration for artists, poets, writers and thinkers for generations. It is also central to many people’s lives, be it for pleasure or livelihood. This unique two-day event at Highgreen brought together artists who have been specially invited to lead walks with people from other disciplines for whom walking is central. Together they were able to share their different approaches to and experiences of walking with the public through participatory walks, talks and workshops.

The focus of the weekend was to show how these experiences can be expressed creatively and how walking with awareness can heighten a sense of oneself in relation to our surroundings, places, wildlife and people. We had glorious weather and many visitors took part in the walks and other activities on offer.