Related Project – Nature to the Power of Art

Related Project - Nature to the Power of Art 1

‘There is now increasing recognition of the important role that the Arts play in deepening humanity’s understanding of the special responsibilities we have within Nature’ Clive Adams, Consultant Curator: Art and Ecology.

The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) announced its dissolution at the end of March and that its work would be re-focused through the curatorial practice of Clive Adams. Clive has been involved in the running of several galleries over the years including Arnolfini, Bristol, Mostyn Art Gallery and Fabian Carlsson Gallery where he was managing director between 1985-89. Having become increasingly concerned with environmental issues, from 2001 he explored several options to establish the CCANW in Devon. CCANW first operated from a Project Space in Haldon Forest Park and its programme of exhibitions and activities ranged from promoting the use of sustainably grown local timber in architecture, to an exploration of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. It has also shown the work of artists such as the Harrison Studio, Lucy Orta and David Nash. Find out more about Clive and his current project ‘Our Living Soil’ via his website