Since VARC was set up in 2000 it has offered artists residencies, usually of twelve-months duration). During the residencies artists develop a body of work for exhibition at the end of the residency and engages with individuals and groups from the area and further afield through workshops, open studio days, artists’ talks and other events.

We currently have an artist in residence, Joo-Hee Yang, with us for ten months until mid July 2018. We are then hosting a month-long residency for a disabled artist in August 2018 followed by a nine-month residency September 2018 – June 2019.

The one-month residency is for an artist who considers him/herself to be disabled and who has a record of exhibiting work and/or arts project or residency experience. The aim is to give an artist a month to research or develop an idea or element of their practice withouth pressure to deliver a particular outcome.

All residencies in the past have been advertised, promoted and open to all artists and more than 60 artists have regularly applied for each opportunity. However VARC has so far engaged in only a very limited way with disabled artists.  Through this pilot residency VARC wants to trial its ability to support the practice of a disabled artist from which VARC wants to learn in order to make its programme more inclusive.

In September an artist will be appointed to hold a nine-month residency that will run until June 2019.



Applications are being welcomed for a one-month residency for a disabled artist, August 2018. See more details and submission form at CuratorSpace here.  The deadline is 9th April.

Applications for the nine-month residency September 2018 – June 2019 are welcomed now.  For more details and submission form see the post on CuratorSpace here.  The deadline is 16th April.

Current Artist in Residence

Joo-Hee Yang
2017 - 2018
10 months
Yang works with a variety of materials to make sculptural pieces. Her works reference the brutal concrete construction of urban cities but also of its impermanence and decay. She speaks of the strength but also the fragility of nature. The artist draws on local culture and uses its materials and meanings to make sculptures that explore particular aspects of place or cultural traditions.

Previous Artists in Residence

DSCF2006 550

Lucy May Schofield
2016 - 2017
Duration: 12 months

Zoe Childerley, Janet looking out over Otterburn Range, April 2016

Zoe Childerley
Duration: 6 months


Khosro Adibi
2014 - 2015
Duration: 12 months


Helen Pailing
2013 - 2014
Duration: 12 months


Ingrid Pollard
2012 - 2013
Duration: 12 months


2011 - 2012
Duration: 12 months


Jenny Purrett
2010 - 2011
Duration: 12 months


Jilly Morris
2009 - 2010
Duration: 12 months


Nicky Coutts
2008 - 2009
Duration: 12 months


Imi Maufe
2007 - 2008
Duration: 12 months


Gavin Thorogood
2006 - 2007
Duration: 12 months


Linda Gordon
2005 - 2006
Duration: 12 months


Susan Grant
2005 - 2005
Duration: 6 months


Sebastian Lowsley-Williams
2004 - 2005
Duration: 6 months


Nigel Morgan
2003 - 2004
Duration: 12 months


Thomas Donaldson
2002 - 2003
Duration: 12 months


Karen Rann
2001 - 2002
Duration: 12 months


Sonja Stringer
2000 - 2001
Duration: 12 months