Sam Explores Northumberland

Sam Explores Northumberland

Since his arrival in June, Sam has been out in the region, collecting reference material for his paintings and embedding himself in the landscape – biking, hiking, camping – in places such as Lordenshaw, Ketley Crag and Duddo. Some of his new paintings make reference to bronze age burial sites known as ‘cists’. Sam builds up the surface of the paintings using many layers resulting in a quality of an unearthed artefact:

“I have spent the last few months exploring further afield from Tarset- going on cycling trips to find rock art sites further north as well as walking the Roman roads and Drove roads of the Cheviots. I have quite a few paintings in progress from these trips as the archaeological sites and landscapes have been very inspiring.

Now that it is getting a bit cold for camping trips, I will be staying local – drawing around Kielder and seeking out Bastles and other old sites.

We had an enjoyable time judging the art entries at the Bellingham Show and the Northumbrian piping, local singers, wrestling and many other elements made for a good day out.” Sam Douglas Sept 2019


Thank you to Steven Lipscombe from Northumberland Wildlife Trust for taking us to see the Kielderhead Wildwood Project. Thanks also to Terry Bragg at Heritage Centre Bellingham for pointing out more places of interest for Sam to explore.