Related Project – Sense of Here

Sense of Here

Rob Fraser and Harriet Fraser work together through their collaborative practice somewhere-nowhere. They’ve been creatively responding to the landscape and the nature and culture of place, since 2011 and have a new project underway, Sense of Here:

Sense of Here uses walking, art and documentary in an exploration of the natural environment and our relationship with the places we treasure. It takes an artful approach to getting to know a place, and considers different viewpoints that converge on one fundamental issue: the need for an improving, healthy environment that supports natural ecosystems as well as a thriving human culture.

We’re based in Cumbria’s Lake District, a National Park and a World Heritage Site, and most of our personal journeys take place here as we move around a geographical clockface. It’s a stunning place where people work hard to support a healthy environment in a thriving cultural landscape. Our research will focus on local issues – many of which resonate elsewhere – and it will embrace broader themes as we meet people from other parts of the UK and collect stories via the interactive map inviting people from anywhere in the world to reflect on their own home place, their own ‘sense of here’.”

They have developed an interactive map, Data of the Heart, that allows people to write what matters to them. You can contribute to the map and read more about the project here: