Swimming Lake Ullswater Project to be Exhibited at Kendal Museum

Robbie Wild Hudson’s Swimming Lake Ullswater Project is delighted to announce that the exhibition of the paintings and drawings will take place in Kendal Museum’s newly refurbished gallery space in April 2015.

After problems with the initial site of the exhibition, (a rustic fellside barn with a roof that eventually caved in) the project has expanded, and will now be concluded as a solo show of thirty artworks.

The artist swam the 7.5 mile length of Lake Ullswater in 2012, and these artworks are attempts to record and represent the physical experience of travelling through the waters of the famous lake.  The swim took months of training and over six hours to complete.  These artworks are alternative representations of a place that is often painted and sketched from the shorelines, from the outside looking in, but rarely shown the other way around.

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