‘warp’ exhibition opens 2nd August with a party 2 – 6 pm

Helen Pailing 8

Helen Pailing’s end of residency exhibition ‘warp’ opens with a party to which everyone is welcome!

Since Helen arrived as artist in residence in October last year she has been making an ‘Object a Day’; small hand-held objects made using the natural and man-made materials acquired, found or donated.  All those made to date will be on show   However Helen has been working on a much larger scale too.  ‘warp’ fills the Dutch barn at Highgreen.  It responds to Tarset’s industrical heritage and ideas and objects associated with wool-making.  Monofilament thread is used to represent the warp of a loom that works its way acros the length of the barn.  As visitors weave between the thread they act as the weft of the cloth.  Farming-associated items such as drainage pipe, baler wrap and wire fencing are used too to make large temporary installations also on show.

The exhibition is on 2nd – 17th August, Thurs – Sun 11 – 3 or by appointment with Helen; email hp@helenpailing.com

Everyone is welcome to the opening party at Highgreen, 2 – 6 pm on Sat 2nd August.   There will be guided tours 2.30 and 4.30 pm and refreshments will be provided.